Free Adult Blog Hosting

I felt the need to write this article in hopes that I can prevent you buying adult backlinks that are fake script generated non-sense. This type of junk will kill your website. I know several people who have reported this to me and I myself tested this with a website I didn’t care about. The site I tested was ranked in the 20’s on Big G for a medium competition keyword. I bought a SeNuke Blast just to test the results an three days later my site was d-indexed by Big G. Using Ahrefs I checked the backlinks and they were all spammy script generated crap. I know other people who have used Money Robot Submitter and Back Link Beast, both of which provided the same results. There are many more so called services out there that promise you top rankings in the search engines for large sums of money. Please understand these services have no actual real adult backlinks to sell you, they use software to spam your link and create the backlinks. Granted these phony backlinks will show up in whatever tool you use to monitor your website but they will be detected as spam by Big G and kill your site. If you buy from then you will prosper and your website will move up in the search results. The truth is there are very few entities that you can trust to not harm your website. Follow these simple rules to help you make a good decision when it comes to purchasing.

    Never buy script generated crap.
    Never purchase phony forum profiles.
    Never purchase from ANYONE who will not show you where your links will be placed prior to ordering.

Have a great day!